Background on Studio Renaissance

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Academic Scientific Research

I guess you could say that my scientific career started onthe day I walked into the office of a young university professor whose desk had an overflowing ash tray, had a half empty a bottle of whiskey next to a coffe cup that hadnt been cleaned for years, and piles of molecular models and scientific jouranal articles on it. Since this person is now a highly respected member of the scientific community, they will go unnamed, but the moment was an inspiring one for me. This page briefly describes all the work that I have been invovled with since then.


This site deals with my artistic works. I have been doing art on and off all of my life, but have been folling it seriously since about 1994, and this web page has photographs of paintings I did as far back as 1995. Since around 2001 I added photography to this, and so have many pictures from several locations in the US as well as some from abroad. In 2005 I got my first enlarger, and am starting to combine painting and photography using various silver gelatin techniques.

Aloha Art

OK, so this is a commercial endevor with which I hope to furter my aspirations in life. Sitting back in Waikiki on sunny Saturday (which is nearly every saturday), I was trying to think of a new art project that I could sell a lot of and then it hits me...people love Aloha shirts...why not paint on Aloha shirts? So, I head to the Goodwill store and pick up a bunch of shirts, cut them up, and stretch them on some frames. Then, i start to want to paint bigger and bigger, so I head to the fabric store and pick up some large bolts of cloth. You get the idea. I like doing the paintings on the shirts more since each one has a story behind it (although I dont know that story), but the bolts of cloth let me work on a scale more to my likeing. I guess everything in life is a trade off, huh?


Writing is something that I have done on and off for a long time as well, but the most recent off time was a decade or so. However, after moving to Hawaii, I began to review my life and have been trying to put it all together, and have found that not only does writing help that out some, but that there are also lots of cool stories to tell from the edge of the empire in the middle of nowhere.


Here I want to eventually put up all the crazy ideas I have for things that need to be patented, but not quite yet....

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